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Products & Services, Water and Energy



We have based our product range on both the results of our survey of water providers and our commitment to sourcing and offering innovative, high quality products at competitive pricing.


In addition to packages, we offer individual products and services which contribute to lifestyle, household management and the general wellbeing and safety of the community.


* Detailed product pages are only available to our members.


Our range is specific to our customer segment - water providers, councils, businesses, universities, hospitals and schools.

Stainless Steel Water Stations - External & Internal

Water and Energy Group have partnered with an innovative Australian designer and manufacturer to offer members this stainless steel product range at competitive pricing even when compared with non-stainless steel products.


Water stations service a range of people’s capabilities, including people with a variety of access challenges, offering quality, clean water from the water provider in the public domain. Even canines are catered for in some designs.


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Leak Detection


A comprehensive water and energy efficiency analysis can be undertaken as part of the water management services of our new partner - Detection Services. Our partner also offers a complete water solutions service for operating systems engaged in transportation of potable water at minimum water and energy loss.


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Adiabatic and Chiller  Systems:
Local Government,  Commercial & Industrial,
Hospitals, Schools & Universities

A key area where innovation has transformed the operating cost for water & energy consumption is in facilities which require cooling. Water and Group have partnered with an innovative company that has designed an Adiabatic Cooling process and a range of chiller systems.



Adiabatic Cooling is a process of reducing heat through a change in air pressure caused by volume expansion.


  • significant Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction & GHG credits

  • up to 85-90% reduction in water consumption 

  • a closed loop system not requiring Legionella compliance






Parks and Gardens 

Water Savers direct water & nutrients to the root zone to help with planting& care of trees, plants and vegetables. Made from recycled UV stabilized plastic.

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Watermark Sensor

Measures soil moisture tension or suction

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Irrigation Controller 

Web based irrigation controller to optimise landscape water schedules operating from a PC using cloud-based technology

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Products for the Community

Water and Energy Group has partnered with a number of  suppliers of products for the community at competitive pricing.


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Water Management Software for Managers & Communities

The move from paper to digital software is the new reality. How can water providers best leverage this new reality?


Water and Energy Group has partnered with an innovative company to provide a service to water providers that enables messages and information on a range of conditions to be relayed directly to customers via their mobile devices (both Android and Apple)  enabling savings and increased efficiency for the water provider.


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To order our products and services or find out pricing  

Phone: 02 8964 8172 or ring Robert on 0418 432754

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