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Water and Energy Group offers innovative water and energy efficient products and high quality information. 







  • Leak Detection

  • Stainless Steel Water Stations

  • Parks and Reserves Water Efficiency 

  • Adiabatic Systems

  • Chillers

  • Water Management Software


Health and


Water and Energy Group offers a range of products and services that improve sustainability and water and energy efficiency including:


  • Leak detection services 

  • Water stations - external and internal  

  • Adiabatic cooling systems

  • Chillers 

  • Grounds and gardens water efficiency products 

Contact:  02 8964 8172 or

Robert on: 0418 432 754 or email:

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'Treat the Earth well.

It was lent to you by your children,

not given to you by your parents"

African Proverb

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